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Authentic Ornament Exchange Participation Donation

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This fee is a donation that will benefit a local shelter and help people in need in our community. We are currently researching organisations and will post the one(s) that are chosen.

The goal! Raise money to help people in housing crisis during the coldest part of the year, AND have an anonymous art swap facilitated by us, AND decorate our awesome space here!

How to participate: Create or Decorate an ornament, bring it in or send it to us. You can pay for your participation in the studio, over the phone or on ShopAuthenticArt.com.

The restrictions: ---needs to be PG13 since the ornaments will be swapped between participants and who knows, the human getting your ornament might have young human in their house! (It happens). The Ornaments need to be able to hang on the tree, They can't be religious in nature since we don't want to upset or alienate any of the participants. You're all our fans and we want you ALL to feel at home here. We have full discretion and will not hang ornaments we see as offensive, discriminatory or any other unknown issue that we see with displaying a piece.